In the end, it is quite a remarkable feat that your team of workers was able to get a new water main installed and working in under and week and we were able to maintain our school schedule.
-Michelle Jensen - Deerfield Schools District Administrator

That service & then the professionalism your team treats the scholars with is very much appreciated & noted by everyone, they don’t always receive that level of professionalism on some other service calls.
-Paul Holzem - Evans Scholars

I believe his phrase was "they can take care of you from soup to nuts"
-Peter Vogel - Vogel Bros.

“Bob is one of the best plumbers he has ever had to deal with.” He has been in the game for quite some time, so I thought I would pass that along.
-Steve Kolstad (Hydro-Flo)

When Kevin arrived, he was personable and professional. He got right to work and identified many various areas where the prior work was not up to par. He was patient and explained what the problems were and then made corrections so the job was done correctly. He stayed at our house to test the work he did and make sure it was done correctly, even though it was a beautiful Friday night and he had a family to get home to. Having done the same myself many times, I greatly respect the sacrifice Kevin made to make sure the work that needed to be completed was done correctly.
-Erik Kehl - Chief of Police Delafield

As a business owner, Gregg is precisely the type of person I would want on my team. He is incredibly professional and personable, not to mention very patient. Many times we are designing on the fly as we absorb new information and Gregg has always gone out of his way to help us understand what our challenges are, and what the appropriate solution should be- both functionally and fiscally. Beyond that, the pride he takes in his work is obvious as his craftsmanship is impeccable.
-Ryan Koga - Karben4 Brewery

My husband and I contracted Hooper through Home Depot to put a new water heater in. He Was absolutely amazing and so professional. If anything comes up where we need your services, you will be the top of the list!
-Michelle M.

We had a house full of people for a holiday party, old house, roots causing issues to the sewer... bang, bang, all better! Special shout out to Kip Jakusa and crew. Highly recommend Hooper!
-Jill M.

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"I just wanted to pass along that the owner was VERY happy with the latest Steris project at Sauk Prairie Healthcare. Your crews did a great job and were very easy to work with. The owner was very impressed with how quickly the job was completed and how the crew took pride in their work (almost their exact words). Please pass the compliments along to your crews! Thank you." -J.L. Gruter | Boldt

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